Ady's Studio

Ady’s Studio, BEAUTY’S synonym!

It is one of the most success beauty centers in Brasov, which for almost 5 years “sells image”! It sells what’s most important in our days for every job, man or woman, the first impact matters the most and what we sell firstly is image. This is one of the reasons for why the slogan was chosen right from the beginning of the activity.

In time, with a lot of work, experience granted in business management and sacrifices, it developed and currently it develops its activity in space which you won’t be able to miss. The services reach high quality standards with the help of the young team formed in time.

It became famous through the satisfying smile of each person who benefited from the saloon’s services, through its nonconformist attitude, later to prove that the classic / elegant style can be representative, through the participation at events or getting involved in them, through the exquisite or classic shows which were organized without any type of aggressive promoting.

It represents the place where you can benefit from all the beauty services, starting from manicure, pedicure, cosmetics, make-up, massage, body maintenance, hair styling, any type of extensions from natural or artificial hair and ending with useful inside tips which you can use at home, the friendly environment, the quality of the used products and last but not least, relaxation.

And it doesn’t stops here! Ady’s Studio launches the idea of a beautifying school which is specially called Ady’s Studio Academy from where all those interested will leave with information and practice very well implemented, since it is based on the seriousness and professionalism and planning at the same time, they retain the idea that students will give them a job in the salon, if they wish, of course.


   ▫ Hairstilist Adrian Colesniuc     0720 552 066

   ▫ Hairstilist Andreea Baciu

    0764 494 090

   ▫ Hairstilist Parnica Nela

    0723 991 182

   ▫ Hairstilist Bebe Victor
    0730 422 261

   ▫ Hairstilist Zecheru Sorina     0732 519 271

  ▫ Estetian / Make-up artist Daniela Teodoru

    0723 365 415

  ▫ Masseur Cornel Adam
    0746 174 969

  ▫ Nail Artist Eli Molocea
    0740 239 435

For information and appointments please call: 0720552066

Ady’s Studio is waiting for you to take care of your image!


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Written by Paul

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