Bakabi Restaurant

The only place in Brasov where you can find serving with the help of the Bakabi sword.

New locations are opened frequently in Brasov. Each one brings something new to the market and this is a good thing because we need diversity in our lives. Recently, a slight different restaurant opened. Its name is Bakabi and it’s specialized in something unseen on other restaurants: The Bakabi Sword. It sounds different because it is, but even it is a very uncommon specialty for Brasov, it is very delicious.

The Bakabi Sword is dish which you share with your friends, the smallest one being suitable to four persons. This specialty is prepared more or less on the skewers principle. On the sword, schnitzel, vegetables and grilled meat are arranged. Under the sword there is a special support in which the three side dishes can be found, French fries, cabbage or beans.

The special taste is combined with the unique aspect of the Bakabi Sword and with the friendly environment from Bakabi, therefore making you enjoy life and its unique flavors, and if you choose to dine on their quiet terrace you will definitely congratulate yourself for the fact that you have chosen to try Bakabi.


Bakabi is a promising location, having all the elements of a place in which you can feel extraordinary.


 for 4 people
3200g……………………………………………….65 lei
(4 pieces of schnitzel – 500 gr, 4 pieces pork neck 500 gr with three side dishes: French fries 800g, spicy beans  600g, 
cabbage 600 g, smoked ribs 200 g)

Bean Soup with Ham 350 ml/50 g – 7,5 lei 

(cu salad and red onions – 50 g)

Tripe 350 ml/50 g – 9 lei

(cu sour cream – 40 g and chili peppers)

Chicken Salad 370 g – 11 lei

(green salad, tomatoes, bell peppers, chicken breast, Italian sauce).

Greek Salad 430 g – 12 lei
(green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, egg, olives, cheese)

Bakabi Pizza 480 g – 15 lei

(mozzarella, ham, spicy sausages, salami, mushrooms, olives, chili peppers, oregano) 

Quatro staggioni Pizza 380 g – 14 lei

(mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, salami, sausages)   Chicken schnitzel 200 g – 9 lei

Pork Neck 180 g – 11 lei

Mutton Pastrami with Polenta 330 g – 16 lei

Tochitura with polenta, cheese and egg 350 g – 14 lei


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Written by Paul

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