Brasov Legal Medicine Institute

The objective of the activity of the Forensic Institute can be divided into:

 • Forensic tanatology or forensic morphologic pathology which studies the aspects connected to death (the way of death, cause of death, signs of death etc.); the prosecture activity that takes place within this forensic sector is represented by the examination (external and internal) of the corpse or fragments of the corpse, regardless of the time interval (post-mortem) that passed until the forensic examination;

 • The forensic clinic or clinical forensic pathology studies the person (live person) or the medical documents belonging to them, with the purpose of proving some violent acts that had taken place against them, the possibility of executing the punishment privative of freedom (the legal forensic expertise for postponing/interruption of the punishment execution or suspension of the legal/judge prosecution for medical reasons), existence of discernment (forensic psychiatric expertise) etc.   

Medical Staff

  • Chief Primary Forensic: Dr Barabas Barna
  • Primary Forensic: Iordache Sorin
  • Primary Forensic: Toma Gradinaru Oana
  • Specialist Medic: Mitu Elena Nela
  • Dr. specialist-Fagaras: Dr. Grance
  • Anatomic Pathology Medic: Vlad Iulia Alexia
  • Dr. specialist: Diaconescu Sorin
  • Biochemist: Ungvary Doina

Assistants:  Ursu Dimitria

                     sirbu George

                     Szigmond Andrei

                     Barla Mihaela

                     Popa Gabriela

                     Nemes Paulina

Necropsy: Feru Marius

Stretchers: Deleanu Gabriel

                     Suciu Gabriel

                     Popa Costica

                     Petrisor Costica  


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