Brasov Pediatric Hospital

Manager  – Medical Director – Dr. Albean Ilie Marcel

Financial – Accuntability Director
– Ec. Popa Mariana    

1.     The Clinical Pediatric I Department – digestive illnesses

Dr. Florian Sanda –
 primary pediatrician, doctor in medical sciences, super specialized in pediatric gastro endoscopy, competent in digestive endoscopy, department manager  


Prof. Dr. Buzinschi Sorin – primary pediatrician, doctor in medical sciences, specialist in gastroenterology, university professor


Dr. Georgescu Elena –primary pediatrician, doctor in medical sciences, neonatal specialist


Dr. Falup Pecurariu Oana – primary pediatrician, doctor in medical sciences, neonatal specialist,

University assistant


Dr. Popovici Bianca – primary pediatrician, PhD, competent in heart ultrasound, university assistant


2.     The Clinical Pediatric Department II – respiratory diseases

Dr. Fanciali Ecaterina-
 primary pediatrician, specialist in clinical allergy-immunology, department manager

E- mail:

Dr. Ghise Maria- primary pediatrics specialist

E- mail:

Dr. Dracea Laura Larisa- primary pediatrician, competent in cystic fibrosis, works manager


Dr. Mazgareanu Ioan- primary pediatrician, unit manager


Diagnostic and treatment of respiratory affections

Diagnostic and treatment of allergy diseases

Diagnostic and treatment of cystic fibrosis


  • Allergy testing kit
  • Electronic spirometer
  • Sweat test unit
  • Nebulizer
  • Aspirator
  • Infuzomat
  • Automated syringe
  • Pulsometers
  • Portable spirometers

3.      The Clinic Pediatric Department III – Nephrology, Blood-Oncology, Intensive Therapy

Dr. Epure Hortensia Viorica- primary pediatrician, doctor in medical science, super specialized in pediatric nephrology, competent in dialysis, department manager


Dr. Petrescu Luciana- primary pediatrician, doctor in medical science

Dr. Mitrica Maria – primary pediatrician, PhD, works manager


Dr. Voda Daniela- primary pediatrics specialist, competent in blood-oncology, doctor in medical science, university assistant


Dr. Moldovan Livia- primary pediatrician, competency in diabetes, nutrition and metabolism diseases in children


    -Diagnostic and treatment of nephrology and blood diseases and diabetes

    -Medical Intensive therapy and toxicology

    -Cardio-respiratory resuscitation

    -Oxygen therapy

    -Photo therapy



    -Lumbar punctures, intraosseous

    -Gastric cleanings, gavages, tubing, bladder polls

    -Enteral and parenetral nutrition

    -Monitoring of the critical patients

    -Central vein catheter care


  • Glucometers
  • Puncture kits for bone and renal biopsies
  • EKG monitor
  • Electrocardiograph
  • 4 Oximeters
  • 5 syringe disposal machines
  • 2 Infuzomat
  • A laryngoscope
  • Four incubators (one UV lamp)
  • Aerosol devices
  • Glucometers
  • Nutrition pump
  • Mobile oxygen-bomb 

4.     The Clinical Pediatric Surgery Department

Dr. Mironescu Aurel
 – primary pediatric surgery-orthopedic doctor, department manager, university professor  

    Telephone: 0268/415130 Int: 188,185

    Fax: 0268412269



Dr. serban Constantin – primary pediatrics surgeon, competency in pediatric orthopedics

Telephone: 0268 415130 Int: 144


Dr. Ruja Mihai Liviu – primary medic pediatric surgery-orthopedics  

Telephone: 0268 415130 Int: 144,185

• Dr. Calacea Calin – primary physician specialized in pediatric orthopedic surgery

Telephone: 0268 415130 Int: 123,185

Dr. Munteanu Iuliu Liviu – primary physician specialized in pediatric orthopedic surgery, university assistant

Telephone: 0268 415130 Int: 123,185



Dr. Madi Marinca – specialist in pediatric surgery


– Surgical pediatric orthopedics interventions and laparoscopic surgery 

Dr. Gheorghe Ligia Mihaela, primary A.T.I physician, department manager  


Dr. Marin Marinela, primary A.T.I physician

Dr. Popa Ecaterina, primary A.T.I physician

Dr. Suvejan Mirela, primary A.T.I physician


    -Anesthetics, resuscitation, intensive care


Pre/post and during anesthesia monitoring


  • Defibrillators
  • Emergency kit
  • Laryngoscopes
  • Anesthesia apparatus
  • Ventilators
  • Monitors
  • New-born incubators

6. Plastic and Reconstructive Micro-Surgery

Dr. Albean Ilie Marcel– primary plastic and repair surgery physician, medical director



   -plastic surgery, reconstructive micro-surgery and burns therapy

7. The E.N.T Department

Dr. Marginas Corina
 – primary E.N.T physician


Dr. serban Marinela – primary E.N.T physician

Dr. Mercas Alice – primary E.N.T physician


    -General E.N.T consults 0 to 18 years old

    -E.N.T surgical interventions under total anesthesia

    -Audiograms + hearing testing under all aspects

    -Extractions of foreign bodies from the ear, nose, pharynx, esophagus and the trachea-bronchial tree


  • Audiometers
  • The rigid esophageal and trachea-bronchial endoscopy kit for foreign bodies
  • Independent frontal lamps with battery, with cold light source
  • Surgery kits for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy under general anesthesia
  • 1 operating room with equipment for general anesthesia
  • Rigid trachea-bronchial endoscopic kit
  • Tonsillectomy intervention kit
  • 1 room for surgical interventions
  • E.N.T area interventions
  • Foreign bodies extraction

8. The Pediatric Psychiatry Department

Dr. Moleavin Ileana, primary N.P.I. physician, department manager

Dr. Popescu Laura, specialist in neurology

E-mail: popescu.laura@xnet.


– Neurology and pediatric psychiatry


–   EEG analog equipment from 2000 model NIHON-KOHDEN 7414G with 16 channels

9. Blood Dialysis Station

Dr. Epure Hortensia Viorica – primary pediatric physician, specialized in blood dialysis and nephrology, doctor in medicine, Manager


– replacing the renal function through blood dialysis and peritoneal dialysis in patients with acute and chronic renal insufficiency 

– Acute intoxications treatment through blood perfusion

10. Physical Therapy

Dr. Cojocaru Sanda Lucia – primary physical therapy and medical recuperation physician

11. Game Therapy

Every section has a game room equipped with toys, television, drawing materials


–          Interactive games which facilitates communication and reduce anxiety, help children deal with the stressful experience of being hospitalized, of the disease and the emotional effects caused by the trauma of being hospitalized;

–          The possibility of using toy or real medical equipment, experimenting on dolls what happens with them in reality.

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