Bucharest Court of Auditors

The Court of Auditors conducts the control over the formation, administration and se of the governmental and public financial resources, providing to the Parliament and the territorial administrative units reports regarding the use and administration of these in accordance with the principles of legality, regularity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

The main specific activities of the Court of Auditors are the control and external audit. External public audit covers the financial and performance audit. This activity is exercised according to program.

Exercise control specific activities, financial and performance audit shall be based on external audit procedures contained in the Regulationand to seize documents from these activities and their standards of audit, detailed audit manuals developed and approved by the Court of Auditors. Own audit standards of the Court of Auditors are developed based on international auditing standards generally accepted. Control actions, financial audit and performance audit are started automatically and cannot be stopped only by the Parliament and then only in case of exceeding the powers established by law for the Court of Auditors.

Our mission consists in exercising control over the formation, administration and use of the financial resources of state and public sector, by providing the Parliament, public authorities, institutions and taxpayers reports on their use and management performance in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Through this, a quality service in domains of control and external public audit,  to obtain and provide real information andobjectivesoflegality, efficient and transparent use of public funds and of those representing external financing, we aim to promote responsibility, fairness and best practice in operations related to public funds. We continually ensurethe improvement of control mechanisms and external public audit, by reports prepared for supporting Parliament in carrying out its constitutional duties. We aim to increase the implementation of legislation in public money spent and promoting, by our actions, to a high level of professionalism, so that the external public auditing of Romania registers to the line of good international and European practices.

Our strategic objectives are: management, correct and advanced use of the public founds; protection of the Romanian state’s financial interest  and the European community;strengthening  the institutional capacity of the Romanian Court of Accounts as an independent institution, professional and credible for control and external audit of public funds; ensure harmonization with international standards adopted by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OSAI) and the European Guidelines for their implementation; implementation ofharmonizedregulatory framework in the external public audit, as thedevelopmentof goodinternational practice.

President: Nicolae Vacaroiu

Vice-president: Dascalu Doina Elena

Vice-president: Popescu Mircea Vasile

Advisors Auditors

  • Alamiie Dumitru   
  • Vorniceanu Marius
  • Pete Stefan
  • Baghina Domnica
  • Neicutescu Gheorghe
  • Sandu Capra Mihai
  • Vedinas Verginia
  • Stoina Cristian Nicolae
  • Hura Mihai
  • Donovici Constanta Anca
  • Anton Ioan
  • Funar Marioara Sabina


  • President Popa Aron Ioan
  • Vice-president Oana Gheorghe
  • Vice-president Popeanga Petre


  • Secretary general Pufan George



Entitling /  Areas checked

Advisor Accounts


Division I

Coordination, methodology, assessment of control systems and internal public audit,  external public audit quality control,training, IT and reporting.

Alamiie  Dumitru


Division  II

Public finance,  government debt contract,  local authority debt,  Romania claims management and rights / obligations arising from trade and government payments,  financing political parties,  performance audit and information systems, etc.

Vorniceanu  Marius


Division  III

Transport, infrastructure, agriculture, rural development, etc.

Pete  Stefan


Division  IV

Government, foreign affairs, trade, business environment,  small and medium enterprise, mineral resources, tourism,etc.

Baghina Domnica


Division  V

Employment and social protection, pensions and other social insurance rights, labor employment, health, health insurance, private pension, etc.

Neicutescu Gheorghe


Division  VI       

Coordination of budgets checking on territorial administrative units.

Sandu Capra Mihai


Division VII

Legal aid and advice to the Court of Accounts Departments, Chambers of Accounts and Audit Authority,  and its territorial structures, representing the Court of Auditors to the courts in cases in which it has locus standi,  court president representation in relations with other bodies,empoweredunder,and other powers established by the Rules of organization and functioning of the Court of Auditors.

VedinaS Verginia


Division   VIII

Presidency, Parliament, the Constitutional Court, the Legislative Council, the Competition Advocate, CNSAS, integrity, revolutionaries in December 1989, prevent and combat money laundering, combating discrimination, surveillance data processing personnel, etc.

Stoina Cristian Nicolae


Division    IX

Education, research, innovation, sports, culture, religions, national heritage, media, science, television, broadcasting, audiovisual, etc.

Hura Mihai


Division    X

State active recovery, privatization, securities, investment, insurance, banking

Donovici Constanta Anca


Division    XI

National defense, administration and internal, environment, communications, etc.

Anton Ioan


Division    XII

Justice, liberties, judiciary, protection and security, special telecommunications, internal and external information, etc.

Funar Marioara Sabina


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