Bucur Maternity

Manager: Alexandru Ciocaltau

CFOAccounting: Petruta Lazar


Obstetrics and Gynecology I:

     * Prenatal diagnosis (ultrasound, amniocentesis, amnioscopie, monitoring cardiograph)

     * supervision of pregnant women with high obstetrical risk

     * assistance at birth, fetal monitoring  cardiograph ante-and intrapartum

     * care of mothers and newborns in rooming system

Obstetrics and Gynecology II:

* Abortions on demand (suction)

* contraception, family planning

 * detection (screening) of cervical cancer in the ambulatory system

* current investigations: colposcopy, ultrasound (for the hospital and charged for patients from outside the hospital)

* Investigation and treatment of sterility and infertility Clinical Laboratory:

* common tests: hematology, biochemistry, bacteriology, serology,

* blood typing

* HIV immunological diagnosis

* Communicable diseases through blood tests (patients), VDRL, TPHA, Torch disease, vaginal secretion Clamydia citobacteriologic exam

* exfoliative cytology exam Babes – Papanicolau

* HCG determination in blood and urine laboratory imaging:

* general ultrasound

* Bidemensional ultrasound

* scans with dye

 * histerosalpingografii

* puncture offtakes abscesses in therapeutic purpose

* ultrasound-guided biopsies

* pulmonary radioscopy and radiographs for nursing and newborn


* Anesthesia and Intensive Care

* Laboratories:

* Clinical Laboratory

* Imaging Laboratory

* Laboratory of Pathology

Laboratory of Pathology Medical

Services provided:

* Autopsy and embalming

* Special stains for highlighting of pathological tissue components (mucopolysaccharides)

* histopathological diagnosis of operators parts common and special methods

* histopathology at necropsy fragments

* HP on track to paraffin tests necropsy

* necropsy product design tests

* processing parts biopsies fixed in formalin and the inclusion in paraffin and sectioning of paraffin blocks


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