CF General Hospital Brasov

Manager: Dr. Lucia Guzun

Medical director: Dr. Bogdan Rauta

Financial accountability director: Rozalia Balca

Dr. Lucia Guzun – Manager- primary physician cardiologist

Dr. Cristina Colt – Medical Director -medic specialist internal diseases

Rozalia Balca – Financial accountability Director-Economist

Consultative Committee

Victoria Iacob – representative member MTI-DAMS

Laurentiu Voicu – representative member MTI-DIPC

Maria Stanescu representative member CASMTCT

Traian Serendan – representative member The Brasov Local Council

Dr. Adrian Gabriel Moraru – member with guest status – representative of the Romanian Physician College

Ileana Alina Balan – member with guest status – OAMGMAMR representative

Claudia Selistean – suppliant member – MTI-DAMS representative

Vasile Popescu – suppliant member – MTI-DGEB representative

Gabriela Ion – suppliant member – CASMTCT representative

Carmen Top Ferchete – suppliant member – representative of the Brasov Local Council

Ethic Council

Dr. Cristina Colt – President – Medical Director

Violeta Ghiban – Member- Legal counselor  

Liliana Moise – Member- Main medical Assistant

Gabriela Vida – Member- DSMSS Representative

Anca Maria Luncanita – Council Secretary – Referent

Medical Council

Dr. Cristina Colt –Medical Director President

Dr. Emil Henegar – member- Internal Medicine Department Manager

Dr. Lucian Pripisi – member- General Surgery Department Manager

Dr. Rodica Stoia – member- Clinical Laboratory Manager

Aurelia Predusca – member- Psychological laboratory Manager

Janette Marinache – member- General Medicine Department assistant manager


    Internal Medicine Department

Telephone: 0268 475949 int. 112

Medical staff:

Dr. Henegar Emil – manager – primary physician internal diseases Dr. Bogdan Rauta – primary physician internal diseases Dr. Lie -Ungurean Raluca – primary physician nephrology

Dr. Draghici Alina – rheumatology specialist

   Cardiology Department

Telephone: 0268 475949 int. 111

Medical staff:    
Dr. Lucia Guzun – primary physician cardiology 

    Neurology Department

 Telephone: 0268 475949 int. 111

Medical staff Dr. Lungu Victoria – specialist neurology

  General Surgery Department

Telephone: 0268 475949 int. 113

Medical staff:                 

Dr. Pripisi Lucian – manager – primary physician general surgery Dr. Dragomir Laurentiu – primary physician general surgery Dr. Indoitu Grigore – medic specialist general surgery Dr. Negoita Eugen – primary physician ENT Dr. Coroiu Cosmin – primary physician ATI Dr. Popescu Alin – primary physician ENT

    Emergency Room

Telephone: 0268 475949 int. 117     SPCIN
Compound Dr. Nemet Codruta – primary physician epidemiology – S.C. Deniro 93 SRL

Dr. Liviu Hentea – primary physician epidemiology – S.C. Deniro 93 SR

The adjacent activities of the medical services offered by the Brasov General CF Hospital are:

-H.R and salary office

– Intern public audit department

– Medical statistic and informatics department

– Legal department

– Internal public acquisitions department

– Financial accountability service  

– Administrative-transport service

– Technical repairs and current maintenance department

– Internal environmental protection, PSI, security and labor health department

Obligatory rules for committed patients and visitors

The schedule of the medical rounds is between: 8.30-12.00
During this time the patients must be in their rooms.

You can receive visitors: daily between 15.00 and 17.00

Visitors are not allowed to bring food, other than the one indicated by the currant medic

The care taker’s entrance for patient care is made with a referral note issued by the currant medic or the chief assistant. 

According the hospital’s functioning rules the patients have the following obligations: 

  • To be in the room during the medic’s rounds;
  • To arrive in the treatment hall at the programmed hour;
  • To respect the sleeping hour- 22.00
  • Not to move from one room to the other or from one department to the other;
  • To respect the order and cleaning
  • To use the bathrooms hygienically;
  • To wash their hands after using the toilet and before every meal;
  • Not to bring and consume alcoholic beverages in the hospital;  

Papers necessary for commitment:

  • Commitment note from the specialty medic
  • I.D
  • Certificate of income for persons in the labor field or according to case, pension coupon (for pensioners), unemployment coupon (for unemployed), pupil/student certificate (for pupils and students)
  • Social help certificate, for persons who benefit from social help 

The discharge procedure: The moment and day of discharge will be announced one day before by the currant medic.

Ask for the discharge note in double exemplary, out of which one copy you will present to the family physician for registering and issue of drug recipes. According to case you can request medical leave for your employer.


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