We execute for you interior arrangements, thermal and sound insulations along with a wide range of services like paintings, plasters, gypsum works such as walls, ceilings or arcades, glaze, parquet and interior doors mounting.

We also meet you with a new concept meant to offer extra style to your house, a decorative technique for walls called a Venetian Stucco. It’s a technique known since ancient times representing a structural, acrylic paint with marbled looks.

There are Venetian Stuccos composed only by natural resins mixed with linseed oil without any synthetic or acrylic substances. These are non toxic natural products ready to use and mixable with water for modern arrangements. There is a type of Venetian Stucco which doesn’t require more than 4 or 5 layers in order for the wall to have the desired effect. 2 layers are enough, one which fills and the other which shines in order to create the specific characteristic. Drying out usually takes around 4-5 hours, depending on the ambient conditions.

Some types of Venetian Stucco can only be cleaned with denaturized alcohol having a concentration of 94%, the natural ones on the other hand are cleaned with water and liquid soap after 72 hours of painting. 

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Written by Paul

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