Decora Flower Shop

Decora Flower Shop

“If we can clearly see the miracle of a flower, our entire life would be changed from its grounds”

They surround us in every important moment of our life, baptism, wedding, funeral or anniversaries. Represent most of the times “the color spot” which charms the world we live in, therefore, their blossoming, especially in spring is anticipated by everyone exactly like a big event. In autumn we hardly separate from the beautiful flowers which sometimes stand up bravely in front of the cold. But there is a place where flowers are always fresh, ready to bring a smile on our faces and joy in our souls.

Decora Flower Shop is the place where disregarding the season you find the flowers you dream of, if it’s a special occasion such as a wedding, baptize, anniversary and party or you want to give a flower to that special someone, you’re at the right place.

The experience gained in more than 10 years of existence on the local market, recommends Decora as being a flower place in which flowers, floral arrangements and services meet the highest quality.

You can find us at No. 3 Traian Street or at the following phone number: 0721/ 982 940, or, if you want we can find you at home and surprise you with the most beautiful flowers.

If you know the signification of the flowers you are sending, your floral gift will mean a lot, therefore, do not hesitate to ask the specialized opinion of Decora’s staff in order to choose the most appropriate flowers disregarding the opportunity.

Flowers are not random objects; they can become veritable art objects!
Floristic is the domain in which creativity knows no limits.



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Written by Paul

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