Defintive Waxing Centre Depilfin

The Depilfin Center addresses to both women, as well as men, being the first definitive depilation center in Romania specialized exclusively in laser depilation, IPL depilation and in durable wax depilation.

*Definitive laser depilation *

 Beneficiate now of the definitive laser depilation and IPL made with last generation equipment.

*Durable wax depilation * 
We use a special wax and papaya based solutions in order to delay the hair growth.

Almost 3 years since its opening, the Depilfin clinic became a reference centre for definitive depilation in Romania. The most modern technology on the international market is used and the modern ambient, the specialized staff and the personalized attention give a constant value to this clinic.

The Epyl Radical Duo System equipment offers the possibility of successfully removing the hair, both with laser as well as IPL (Intensely Pulsated Light) managing to eliminate the hair of different shades regardless of skin color.

One can have facial depilation, as well as body depilation; the most requested areas are the inguinal, armpits, legs, mustache or chin, back and chest for men.

Throughout time, people have tried to remove the hair through the most diverse methods, from shaving to depilation with wax or the hair pulling machine, from depilation creams or using the tweezers; they all proved extremely painful and/or time and money consuming. 

Promotions for definitive depilation with laser and IPL:

      ▫ For two depilated areas, the third is a bonus from us!

      ▫ You depilate your inguinal area and you get a depilation for the buttocks as a bonus! 

      ▫ You depilate a new area of the body and for the next you have a 30% discount!

      ▫ Buy a gift voucher for someone dear and you get a 20% bonus for yourself!

Free consultation

       The Depilfin clinic offers you the possibility of meeting the professionals of definitive depilation, to see and test the used equipment, to see for yourself what makes this place high quality from all points of view. It is each person’s right to receive the necessary information when they decide to request such a service and to take into consideration if: it is or it isn’t what they desire or if it satisfies their expectations. We recommend you not to be superficial when choosing such a service. Your health and your looks are at stake. Choose only the best! 

       We are always at your services to offer you any type of information both by telephone or directly at the clinic. The consultation is made by phone appointment at 0733 008 472, direct to the clinic or on our website at the “appointment request” column.  

Say „goodbye” to torture and lost time, now there is Depilfin!

Be sexy… and stay that way!”

We will be waiting!



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Written by Paul

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