Fitness Club Oroviceanu

In 2003 was founded OROVICEANU FITNESS CLUB by Gabriel Oroviceanu, founding member of the Romanian federation of martial arts, 6 dani wushu, honored coach and sport master.

Presently the activity runs in two working points located in sectors 5 and 6, including the following services:

     ● Fitness, Aerobic (cardio, step-aerobic, tae-bo, BODY TONE, ZUMBA, KANGOO JUMPS) 

     ● Martial Arts
     ● Personal Training

We are waiting for you with over 40 simultaneous working posts, 6 strips, steppers, cross-trainers, bicycles, etc. The hall where the aerobic, dances and martial arts classes run has the capacity of 30 people, the sound is very good, proper features. Here you can also beneficiate from training with personal trainer who will take care strictly of you, helping you get the results you wish in the shortest time possible, combining the fitness trainings with nutrition and with a proper resting schedule.


 ► BETWEEN HOURS 8.00-16.00                                             Daily Subscription 120 lei                                                          12 sessions subscription 90 lei                                                  

8 sessions subscription 75 lei                                                   

 ► BETWEEN HOURS 08.00-24.00 Daily Subscription 150 lei 12 sessions subscription 120 lei 8 sessions subscription 100 lei


Session 40 lei                   Daily Subscription 400 lei                          8 sessions subscription 200 lei 12 sessions subscription 300 lei             


Daily Subscription 170 lei 12 sessions subscription 150 lei 8 sessions subscription 120 lei


Session 30 lei 12 sessions subscription 230 lei 8 sessions subscription 200 lei

4 sessions subscription 100 lei

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Written by Paul

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