Gala Wine Bar & Tapas

Gala Wine Bar & Tapas

Centuries ago, the Portuguese navigators went in search of a new world. Alike them, at the end of 2010, we went in Bucharest in search of an appropriate place where to create an oasis of peace, away from the urban fuss.

This is how Wine Bar & Tapas started to exist, a bohemian and stylish place specially created for your comfort.

Here you can enjoy over 43 Portuguese drinks, from young wines („vinho verde”) to those famous Porto and Madeira wine or Aguardente brandy, but you can also stay for a snack. The tasting of our foam-filled and fresh rosés or the alentejans dries can be served with dishes reminding of the Mediterranean realms.

The goat cheese accompanied by tomato, figs and jams pumpkin jams, olives and Portuguese sausages like „salpicão” or „chouriço” will convince you to give up those full meals and enjoy your afternoon in a relaxing atmosphere, listening to fado and contemporaneous Portuguese music. You can listen to traditional fado music or Mariza with contemporaneous interpretations, jazz or Portuguese blues interpreted by the famous musician Tito Paris. Starting with March, Wine Bar & Tapas will organize live concerts of fado.

The attention for details can be found not only in the menu or in the choice for the music, but also in the interior design, in the elegance of the furniture and in the choice of decorations.

For those in a hurry, coming for a coffee or a tea, we recommend “pasteis de nata” – representative for Portuguese desserts – or a pumpkin pie to sweeten your day.

Gala Wine Bar & Tapas has another advantage! All that you liked here or you haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, can be found in the special shop with Portuguese delicacies.

And the surprises don’t end here, because we are proud with the fact that even though we offer products of high quality, the prices are accessible.

We are waiting for you!


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Written by Paul

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