Hospice House of Hope

Hospice gives specialized services (called “palliative care”) to the persons suffering from incurable diseases, so that the patient – adult or child – can enjoy the best possible quality of life and a comfort as good as possible, without pain or other unpleasant symptoms, together with their beloved. We are a charity organization and our staff (doctors, nurses, social assistants, psychologists, therapists) ensure free of charge services.   

Executive Manager: George Ungureanu

Medical Director: Daniela Mosoiu

Public Relations Manager: Malina Dumitrescu

Necessary papers for entering in our data base

I order to beneficiate from the hospice services, the patients are usually sent to Hospice by medics from hospitals, clinics or family doctors. The taking into our care is made with the following documents: 

1. The reference ticket from the family doctor. 

2. A copy after the ID of the patient.

3. A copy after a recent pension coupon or working certificate stamped by the CAS.

4. Copies after the medical documents (hospital release ticket, CT scan results, the results of the histopathology exam etc.)

5. Application form

The initial medical evaluation

After the adult or child patients are taken into the Hospice House of Hope evidence follows the initial medical evaluation made by a medic of our organization, either in our foundation’s cabinet, or at the patient’s home.  

Following this first consult, the patient is taken by one of our care services. Depending on the conclusions of the initial evaluation, we can recommend home care, confining in our bed unit or frequenting the day centre. There are also cases in which the HOSPICE medic can recommend restarting radiotherapy or chemotherapy at the Oncology Hospital, so that the patient can later enter the HOSPICE care.

• The social assistance service

For the ill and their families, our social assistants are in charge of obtaining the legal rights (for example the handicap degree), offer material support for the poor families and organize camps for children in our evidence, for their siblings and for the patients’ children, support groups for the mothers of the children in our care and for the HIV positive patients or Easter, Christmas, 1st of June parties as well as birthday and name day parties of the patients.

• The psychological support service

It addresses the adults and children in our care and their families. Psychologists specialized in clinical psychology, psychological counseling and psychotherapy come in aid of the ones suffering, either by request of the medical team members, or the request of the patient or his family.   

Through the psychological support service we are actually trying to “give” the patient back to the family and community he belongs to.

• The mammal prosthesis and lymph edema care service

It addresses to the patients with sectorectomy (the abscission of a sector of the breast), mastectomy (the amputation of the breast) or lymph edema (the swelling of the upper member on the affected side). Within limit of possibilities, patients from all over the country can receive in our cabinet external mammal silicon prosthesis and other accessories for improving the body image. 

They only have to schedule an appointment for a consult and in the moment they arrive to the cabinet, to bring the medical documents and a copy of the ID. The prosthesis are free as well as the other services, but, of course, any donation from the patient of their families is welcomed as it can help other patients. 

Special therapies


It is a service addressed to adults and children, patients of the Hospice House of Hope. It represents a therapeutic means of recuperation important for the care of incurable patients.

Through therapeutic physical exercise adapted to the needs of every patient, done under the surveillance of the physical therapist, this service help improving the quality of life of the incurable patients.  The exercises improve mobility, through their action on the muscles and the bone system and have benefic effects on the breathing and cardio-vascular system.

Also, the physical therapy sessions help the patients in post surgery recuperation and give good results in the case of children with neurological diseases. Physical therapy works very well combined with massage. Here at Hospice we have a special room destined for this service, equipped with special devices for medical exercises and for massage sessions.  

• Hydrotherapy

It is a service addressed to the patients of the Hospice House of Hope and it is based on the beneficial effects of water on the body. At Hospice there is a mini pool in which the water temperature oscillates between 32 and 34° C and in which children enter together with the therapist.

As the other services, hydrotherapy helps improving the quality of life of our patients. It leads to decreasing the intensity of pain, activating the circulation, improving mobility, strengthening the immune system, reducing anxiety, decreasing the level of stress, increasing the physical comfort and it has beneficial effects on the skin.   

• Sensorial Stimulation

It is one of the services that the children we take care of here at Hospice can benefit. Namely, we are talking about a special room called the sensorial room where with the help of different objects and devices, children that have neurological affections or sensorial deficit go through stimulating experiences which try to increase their attention and which, finally bring a positive psychological state.

Day Centers

• The children day centre

For the children at Hospice, the Pediatrics day centre is a place of meeting with friends. Here the confined ones as well as the ones we take care of at home arrive. It is a kind of a story room where cat Bag puss rules; it is a character from a children’s TV series from the England of the 70s.   

And because the incurable disease stops most of the children from going out to play or even go to school, the day centre is a replacement of both. The swings and slides are quietly waiting for the children in the yard. Even the transportation is not a problem because we have a mini bus specially adapted for wheelchairs which brings the children to the day centre and then back home.        

The multitude of toys, cartoons, games – including computer games- and story books make the day centre visits real holidays. They sing, draw, organize all sorts of games, from which each one learns something new, they tell stories, and most of all, the make friends.

• The day center and occupational therapy

In the fight with pain, the psychic is the most precious ally, especially in the case of an incurable disease, that changes someone’s life. On it cling hope and the power to go on. 

We, the people of Hospice, do everything possible that the patients in our care live to the fullest every minute and to come out of the isolation that the suffering builds. The day centre is the place where we learn together- patients, employees and volunteers – to appreciate life.   

Here come the patients whose health allows them to move and the patients confined in the bed unit. Together with the specialized staff and the volunteers, they participate in different activities included in what we call occupational therapy, through which the patient focuses on the “here and now”.  

We can say that at the day centre hope comes into shape through the decorative objects, cards and different accessories created by our patients.  

All have here the opportunity to know each other, to share stories by a cup of coffee, to play rummy, chess, backgammon and cards, to listen to music, to celebrate together their birthdays, to discuss with the priest or psychologist each time they need to and take part in the Holy Unction.

The visit at the day centre is a moment that each patient is anxiously waiting for because together we are a big family and no one is alone in front of the suffering. 

The Brasov Palliative Medicine Study Centre 

Address: No. 101, Piatra Mare Street, Brasov, 500133
Telephone:  0268 472 455 / 0268 513 598      
Fax: 0268 475 433

E-mail: cshospice@hospice.ro

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