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All I can say about myself is that I feel wonderful because, through everything I do I know I found my purpose in life… There were moments in which I asked myself if I am on the right way, if I know what I truly want from life…I knew for sure that this is what I wanted the moment in which all I had lived and all I had done until now has brought me to the same spot. The fact that together with my client, I can decipher which the key for his optimal functioning is, is one of the most uplifting things for me… I came to the point where I am sure that we function as a whole, that we are not just bodies and that all our emotions, all that we live throughout time remains stored somewhere in our energy field…It takes our firm decision that we want to be a part in our own change and of that awareness of everything we live, of a shaping of our mind in order to improve our own life and, as a consequence, of the ones around us.

PSYCHOTHERAPY for children and teenagers

Children speak starting from various bases, but especially from the trust they have in the person sitting in front of them and who shows itself capable of a possible listening. Where the business gets complicated, it means that the speech of a child is at risk of being shut by the answers to some questioning.    

Inviting a child to tell you what’s on his soul, means you already respect one of his most important relational needs; you also have to ensure a centered, kind listening, but mostly a careful listening, not only of the problem, but also of the one who is speaking…


Each one of us, in certain moments of the day or periods of our life, can become a real executioner of himself, a saboteur of a stupefying efficiency against our own dreams and plans. As if a part of ourselves cannot stand success! Everything happens as if an anti-pleasure, anti-happiness, anti-success energy would develop each time we have the opportunity to fully succeed and be happy. 

Therapy will be useful in any moment of your life and especially the moment in which the powerful will to discover who you really are appears! I am kindly waiting for you, to find out who you are together!

PSYCHOTHERAPY during and after birth

The education of a child starts before birth… there are a multitude of wonderful things that you can do for your child ever since he is in your belly! Put the bases of a wonderful childhood and life in the moment when it has the biggest meaning – during pregnancy and the first 3 years of your child’s life!


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Written by Paul

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