Maya Club

The magic of the rhythm delights you, entertainers make you lose your head, shots warm you up, cocktails sweeten you, surprises will make you happy and the atmosphere will take you to an unforgettable story, which is told only in MAYA, starting from 20:00 hrs until the morning, from Tuesday to Sunday, on Calea Mosilor Street no. 138. If you want to go out with your friends, Maya is the place where you feel you have your own party every night.

The recently opened Maya Club excites and amazes firstly with the concept on which it was established, the boundary between noble, extravagant and underground. As you enter the Maya world you are surrounded by vaporous curtains, elegant tapestry and sophisticated aromas which invite you to go downstairs in the heart of the club. Step by step, you notice how the walls are undressing and become a part of a different, yet exciting story.

As you are already impressed and hypnotized by the enchanting atmosphere, you notice the booth on the right, which was designed for long and pleasant talks. The old lamp watches you as you turn around and go directly to the place you wanted to explore. In the heart of Maya Club the hospitable atmosphere is extremely relaxing, the music amazes you, by playing long forgotten songs, and the variety of rhythms doesn’t let you sit down.

When you decide to order something that would cool you off, you notice that the prices are accessible to everybody. Ventilation is doing a great job and you feel completely relaxed and ready for an amazing night. Being impressed by the place, you are thinking that you can have your private party in here and invite all your friends just because this is the perfect spot for a legendary party. You find out that every Tuesday you can enjoy a “burning” atmosphere, full of sensuality and fun, as we organize the Lap Dance Party. On Wednesday is Karaoke Party, where everybody sings and dances all night long. On Thursday we have Striptease Night, which is mystic, tempting, aphrodisiac, full of sensual girls, “burning” atmosphere, fun until morning comes in. Join us if you want to have an unforgettable night! On Friday and Saturday we organize “All Time Hit’s Party”, where timeless hits will make you stay up all night long. On Sunday we invite you to Stand Up Comedy, where our famous guests will cheer you up and make you smile. Don’t think too much about it and join us at Maya Club!

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Written by Paul

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