National Administration „Romanian Waters „

   National Administration „Romanian Waters „ administers the state’s public waters and the infrastructure of National Water Management System consisting of reservoirs, flood embankments, canals, inter basin derivatives, water intakes and other specific tasks and vigilance of national hydrological infrastructure, hydro-geological and water quality monitoring in its heritage, for knowledge management and uniform throughout the country, surface water and groundwater. 

Central Dispatch


Telephone: 021 310 35 26

Media Relations – Spokespersons  

Telephone: 021 311 01 46 / interior 2267, 2268

Public Relations



Internal Audit

Communication, Media Relations, Public Relations

Communications and Information Technology     

Department of Development, Investment 

Procurement Department

Financial and economic Deprtamentul

Management of water works department

Department of Water Resources Management

HR Department

Department of management plans and international cooperation

Classified Information Management Inspection Territorial Waters

Legal Litigation             

Integrated Management System    

Project Management Unit       

National Administration „Romanian Waters ” has the following main attributions:

1. unified management, sustainable water resources, surface and groundwater protection from depletion and degradation, as well as rational and balanced distribution of these resources

2. administration, operation and maintenance of infrastructure National Water Management System, under its management;

3. administration, operation and maintenance of minor beds of water, lake basins and ponds, in their natural state or landscaped, the beach and sea cliffs, wetlands and those protected under heritage

4. administration, operation and maintenance of infrastructure of the National Watch Sistem hydrological and hydro-geological;

5. administration, operation and maintenance of the National Water Resource Quality Monitoring;

6. IT network and telecommunications facilities of the water system, developing software products in the field of water management, hydrology and hydrogeology;

7. providing functions as a single operator for water resources, natural or landscaped area, regardless of any title holder of land-and groundwater resources, regardless of their nature and related facilities, with their natural potential, except for living aquatic resources in the law, except as expressly provided in the regulations in force;

8. allocating the right to use surface water and groundwater in all its forms for use with their natural potential, except for living aquatic resources, based on subscriptions, according to the Water Law no. 107/1996, as amended and supplemented;

9. Protection against floods by the water works in administration and management of stocks of materials and specific means of defense against flooding

10. maintaining and operating the water works in the public domain, the role of flood protection, under management;

11. approval and authorization from the viewpoint of water management works and activities that run on water or water-related;

12. staff training and improvement of water management in their training centers and / or in collaboration with other specialized institutions;

13. making yearbooks, briefings, studies, projects, instructions, books and prints in the water;

14. directory schemes for planning and development of watershed management;

15. fulfilling the commitments made by the Romanian state through international agreements and conventions in the water sector;

16. implementation of EU directives in the water sector.

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