People and Database Management Department

Dr. Manoloiu Constantin

PBX: 021/413.54.42




Complaints and information: 021/413.56.49

 People and Database Management Department

acts as the operative structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, with responsibilities:     

    – organizes, coordinates and monitors the application, as a whole, the community public services to the people, the legal regulations in the field of records to individuals, civil status and changing the names of individuals through administrative channels;

    – it develops standards and methodologies used by community public services for people;

    – updates, use and exploit data from the National Register of persons under the law of evidence;

    – provides, under the law, personally identifiable data requested by public authorities and institutions, economic operators and other corporate actions for the development of general interest, governed by laws;

    – settle claims filed by Romanian citizens residing abroad and established before 1989 or their legal representatives on the submission of identification with which they are entered;

    – establishes the features and security elements of identity cards and voter cards;

    – manages and administers the national computer system for evidence of population;

    – is responsible for enforcement of regulations regarding privacy and data protection on the person worked in the Directorate;

    – ensure the provision of public services for people with records and certificates of civil status registers, as well as materials needed to produce identity cards and voter cards;

    – participate in initiating activities, staff training and professional community public services for people;

    – collaborates with other bodies of central public administration for the establishment of permanent records, according to law;

    – perform any other duties prescribed by law.

To fulfill its duties and functions, the Department collaborates with the ministries and other institutions of central and local public administration, according to legal provisions.


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