Poiana Brasov

13 kilometers away from Brasov’s center or 12 km away from Rasnov, the Brasov County.

 Poiana Brasov is a mountain resort, renowned for the winter sports practiced here, being located 13 kilometers away from the Brasov Municipality at the feet of the Postavaru Massif, on its northern slope.

The first documentary mention of Poiana Brasov dates back from the year 1427 and refers to the shepherding activities. Another mention dates back from the year 1895 and refers to the skiers that climbed Postavaru. In the year 1906, on the Postavaru Massif the first ski contest is organized. Until the year 1950 in the resort there were only few cottages and small villas scattered at the bottom of the forest. The year 1951 marks the total changing. It is the year in which Poaina Brasov becomes the host of the World Universities Winter sports contest, reason for opening the first modern hotel and the first cable car, having a length of 2150 meters and delivered the tourists on top of the Postavaru Mountain, until “Cristianul Mare”, at the altitude of 1799 meters. These events were the starting point for the complex arrangements which realized along the years.

Poiana Brasov is today a touristic resort, renowned all over the world and included in the metropolitan area of Brasov. The resort has a temperate-continental climate and, being located at the feet of the mountains is it protected by extreme weather. In the summer, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and during the winter the average is -3 degrees Celsius. The snow preserves here up 5-6 months a year, from November until late march where the snow layer can reach almost 50 centimeters in the resort and 100-150 centimeters up the mountain, ensuring optimum ski conditions. The resort owns 12 ski slopes with different difficulty grades, which allows all the skiers, from beginners to experts, to enjoy the pleasures this sport has to offer.

It has three descending slopes and a slalom one, a special slalom, two trampolines, a special slope for sledges and of course ski monitors and instructors. At the tourists’ disposal there are two cable cars, two gondolas and one ski lift. There are renting centers for sport equipments and also centers where sledges, quad vehicles and bicycles can be rented.

In the center of the resort there is an artificial skating rink, football fields, tennis or volley arenas with a specially designed track for jogging and a mini golf course. The artificial lake is equipped with a dock for boats and water bicycles. The accommodation can satisfy all the demands and requests, the resort offering hotels varying from 4 stars to pensions, therefore wide range of options. Let’s not forget the fact that the resort is as attractive during the summer.

At the entry from Brasov, the resort has for the tourists an equitation center. They offer here horse riding lessons but also the possibility of trips with the calash while during the winter the trips are organized with sledges pulled by horses. Another relaxing option is offered by the spa resorts among the hotels, the tourists benefiting from pools, Jacuzzi, massage and fitness gymnastics. Still here there are bowling halls, billiard, movie theatres and electronic games.

For the tourists accompanied by children there are kindergartens where the staff speaks foreign languages and specially arranged playgrounds. The restaurants from Poiana Brasov offer specific traditional menus. And if you still have some spare time you can hike the mountain paths and take the tour of the nearby settlements, the Bran Castle, the Rasnov Citadel, the paissant citadel from Prejmer and the Complex and Monastery from Sambata or some culinary art expositions. Located in the center of the country, having modern equipments at international standards, the most renowned resort from and outside the country is Poiana Brasov.  


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Written by Paul

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