Roman Salina

Built after a patented procedure and winner of international awards, The Roman Saline is 100% natural, safe and healthy. Plus,The Roman Saline means time and money economy, as well as thermal comfort.

The Roman Saline brings to the city what nature has created in its depths. Now you can enjoy the benefic effects of salt therapy right here in Bucharest. This type of therapy is indicated in preventing and improving the breathing affections and allergies. Salt therapy is recommended for any age category and it is a natural and efficient alternative to the medicine treatment.                                                                                       

The micro climate of The Roman Saline reproduces physically, chemically and biologically the depth saline, the therapy thus having the same result. There are other ways of imitating the micro climate of a saline, but they are artificial (aerosol generators, processed salt, salt bricks etc.) and the efficiency of the therapy is low.  

The characteristics of The Roman Saline:

  • The entire room is paved in salt blocks with a medium thickness of 20 cm. The used salt quantity is 20 tons.
  • The salt balls which were used are raw (the salt crystals are active), uncontaminated by toxins or pollution; they are extracted from the Slanic – Prahova Saline.
  • The air is rich in saline aerosols, negative ions and minerals (natural elements identical with the ones in the body).
  • The air self purifies, has disinfectant, antioxidant and detoxifying qualities and the microbes  charge is 10 time smaller than the one outside the saline (100 germen/m3 of air, compared to 1.000 de germen/m3 in the city).
  • The air moistening is made through a fountain which helps obtaining an ideal place for salt therapy.
  • The air saturation with aerosols is made through a circular current placed in permanent contact with the salt walls.
  • The concentration of saline aerosols reaches 20 mg/m3, much higher than the one in the natural saline, therefore the treatment time shortens.
  • The pressure conditions, the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration are normal, so the negative influences from the natural depth saline do not exist.
  • There is a possibility of adjusting the temperature, humidity and salt concentration.

THE ADVANTAGES OF THE ROMAN SALINE, compared to the depth saline:       ● time saving (1h instead of 4h)       ● money saving (300 Ron instead of 1000 Ron)       ● thermal comfort (18o – 22oC instead of 7-15oC)

      ● exceptional therapeutic results

♦ The percentage of improvement and healing of respiratory diseases through this therapy is of 80 – 87 %! ♦ The therapy consists of making 15-18 consecutive sessions of 50min/session/day. 

♦ It is recommended that this treatment be repeated 4 times a year.

  Necessary documents:       ► Medical recommendation (diagnostic and confirming that you do not suffer from contagious diseases)       ► ID       ► Pension coupon (for pensioners)         ► Copy of the birth certificate (for children)

      ► Student ID

  Facilities       ● Wireless Internet       ● Newspapers, magazines, crossword puzzles       ● Toys, coloring books for children



RON / Session

RON / Subscription for 15 sessions

RON /  Subscription for 18 sessions





Pensioners, escorts, pupils, students




Children under 10




* One session lasts 50 minutes. It is recommended a treatment of minimum 15 sessions, done in consecutive days.


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Written by Paul

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