Saint Bartolomeu Church

Saint Bartolomeu Church from Brasov is the oldest building of the city, placed onLunga Street. The building was constructed in the 13th century (year 1223, according to some sources) and it was surrounded by a defense wall which kept its grounds in from of the attacks of the ottoman troupes (1421). Nor the attacks of the soldiers under Vlad Tepes, in 1458, or the ones of the army of Gabriel Báthori, in 1611, succeeded in destroying the church, as not even the great fire from 1689, didn’t affect its structure. The plan of the Saint Bartolomeu Church from Brasov was made after the model of themonastery in Carta (a Cistercian Monastery). The choir and the rooms adjacent to it, the shrine as well as the two chapels which close the branches of the transept heading east, remained intact. Only the church’s tower was rebuilt in 1842, after collapsing because of the 1822 earthquake.

In Saint Bartolomeu Church from Brasov, the German communities gather in the last Sunday before the 24th of August, Saint Bartolomeu’s Day, when the name of the church is celebrated. Everybody takes place at the service and then they celebrate on the rhythm of German folk songs accompanied by the fanfare. It is an over 500 years old holiday which gathers the German communities from all over the “Barsa” Country, but also a lot of Germans settled in other countries.

The tourists who visit this worship place can visit also the ethnographic museum, opened in 2003, whose patrimony includes over 1500 exponents. Here are exposed, from the emigrants’ donations, furniture pieces, German folk costumes, canvases and various tools. All these recreate a typical German household in the Saint Bartolomeu Church from Brasov.


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Written by Paul

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