Salon Amour

The massage session is a ritual of remodeling your vision about the world as it generates positive thoughts and the body and spiritual wellbeing. 

You will be entirely touched as the play of hands and bodies will uncover erogenous areas you didn’t even suspect.

The Relaxation Massage

Starting with soft slides, applied on the surface of the body through compressive or kneaded moves or soft hits, oscillating or rhythmic, alongside the nice experience it creates, it also improves the health, relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow.    

The Sensual Massage

We perceive the world through our senses and the touch sense allows us to establish contact. During the sensual massage, the delicate, relaxing caresses are meant to stimulate, excite and release. The erotic massage: through an erotic game of touching the most sensitive and private areas maximum pleasure will be stimulated.

The Double Massage

It is a true erotic show, a simultaneous dance, rhythmic and lascivious at the same time during which the skin of the beneficiary will be continuously pampered.  

The Couples Massage

Secure the bond between partners by removing the barriers and inhibitions of the couple life. Watch and learn! Have you ever seen her tremble with pleasure only with erotic massage? Why be selfish and deprive your partner of such pleasure? It is an experience that will help you know each other better from the erotic perspective of hidden desire…

Parerea ta ne intereseaza!

Written by Paul

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