Sanatorium of Neurosis Predeal

The Predeal Neurosis Sanatorium is a public sanitary unit of national interest, with legal rights, under the Health Ministry and it deals with giving medical services in the bed sections, according to the organization structure established by the Health Ministry. 

The Predeal Sanatorium is the only unit of this kind in the country, with accommodation and meal conditions of hotel type, placed in an exceptional geo-climate area with sub-alpine climate. 


Chief accountant:

Chief Medical Assistant:

The confinement service

Telephone: 0268 456 120 , interior 120.

  • The first psychiatric interview 

-general information

-the complete medical history

-the psychological history

-the patient’s social integration

  • The somatic examination.
  • The insertion of the Para clinical evaluation in the diagnostic. 
  • Establishing an immediate evaluation diagnostic.
  • Establishing the lines of treatment for the targeted symptoms
  • The psychiatric report written with:

– The psychiatric history and mental state evaluation;

– Appearance (mimic, posture, clothes);

– Psychomotor activity; 

– Speech

– The attitude towards the examiner and disposition;

– Emotional expression, adapting to situation;

– Disturbances in perception of reality;

– Disturbances in thought content;

– Sensorial and awareness: orientation, attention, memory;  

– Insight;

– Disease awareness and rehabilitation.

NOTE: To each point there are short tests which the psychiatrist applies in order to evaluate correctly that particular psychic function. 

  • Psychological evaluations and further psychological consult, therapeutic indications.  
  • Reevaluating the diagnostic every 72 hours and weekly until discharge.
  • Psychotherapy administrated by the physician through daily sessions strictly necessary to the patient: 

– Cognitive behavior (the patient needs to understand his disease and the attitude of maladjustment)

– The Individual relaxation and image therapy

– Support therapy and counseling

– Couple therapy 

– Counseling, in order to obtain the patient’s compliance to treatment regarding his recuperation 

-Preliminary interview for indication of sending the patient to group psychotherapy.  

  • Psychological tests obligatory for the physician, applied regarding the diagnostic’s certainty:

– Severity for psychosocial stressors: scale for adults, children, teenagers;

– Simple tests for concentrating and memory;

– Judgment and abstracting tests;

– Tests for detecting aphasia;

– Global scale functioning; strictly necessary.

  • EEG Interpretation; in order to be objective.
  • The physician indication for services of: physical therapy, medical physical culture, occupational therapy, psychological tests for evaluating the patients’ psychological or psycho-pathological profiles.
  • Clinical and psychological scales provided by the psychologist:

– The Holmes stress scale;

– The Hamilton depression and anxiety scale applied at commitment and at the end of the treatment;

– The Bech scale for evaluating symptoms of endogenous depression

– PICHOT evaluation;

– IQ;

– Projective tests

– PF 16;

– Accentuated personality tests

– Attention and memory tests;



– The psychotic evaluation scale. 

  • The psychology department offer; psychotherapy:

– Individual psychotherapy

– Relaxation and hypnosis;

– Group psychotherapy: Music therapy

– Group psychotherapy: Cognitive

  • The physical therapy department offer:

– Ionizations

– Ultra short waves;

– Magneto diaflux;

– Interferential currents;

– Aerosols.

  • The medical physical culture department offer:

– Medical and aerobic gymnastics;

– Fitness;

– Group excursions and hikes;

– Recuperations.

  • Final evaluation of every patient.
  • Genetic advice- for patients under chronic treatment with narcoleptics and anti-depressives who want to procreate.  
  • School orienting of the teenager, professional orientation of the patient under treatment. 

Special Mentions

Confinements are made by planning, taking in account that a minimum cure lasts 15 days. The persons who are not insured pay for the medical services fully, including: meals, accommodation and medication; the cost for one day of hospitalization is 115 Ron. The insured persons pay for the accommodation; the daily hospitalization costs are displayed further down the page.

Necessary documents for confinement


– Salary certificate 

– Psychiatrists referral ticket

– Family physician referral ticket (with the mentioning that the patient can handle the mountainous area)


– The last pension coupon

– Psychiatrists referral ticket

– Family physician referral ticket (with the mentioning that the patient can handle the mountainous area)

The appointment for confinement in our unit is made as follows: 

Working days (between 10:00 and 14:00) they will call the sanatorium dispatch – 0268 456 120 and they will request the cabinet of the chosen doctor and will establish the date of the confinement


1. Patients must confirm by telephone to the medic that made the appointment that they will present themselves at the sanatorium for confinement at the established date.

Confirmation must be made at least 5 working days ahead the confinement date. Contrary, the places will be occupied by patients available at the respective date, in the order of appointments. 

2. There is the possibility that from objective causes the patients cannot present themselves at the sanatorium for confinement. In this case the patients must call the medic who made the appointment in order to reschedule it.

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