The Bran Medieval Costum

The Bran Medieval Costums is situated in the Rucar-Bran Passin the South of the Bran Castle. As it was settled on the road which used to connect Brasov and Campulung, the customs was actually a boarding point between the Romanian Country and Transylvania. Through here were passing the caravans filled with the merchant’s goods. The mountainous and bumpy landscape, the relatively narrow passage and the large conifer forests were making the caravan’s way to be quite risky. The Bran Castle was a defending point and that’s why the customs’ establishment was so important and also profitable for this area.

The ruler Stefan cel Mare, through a privilege which was granted to the Brasov’s inhabitants, is the one who established the Romanian Country customs at Turciu (the nowadays Bran) in 1413. Because of its importance, the customs’ buildings will be reconstructed and consolidated during the decades.

Today, the Bran Medieval Customs’ buildings represent an ensemble of connected buildings through walls, stones or bricks. The central body is built with a basement, ground floor and one upstairs. The upstairs is actually composed of two bodies which are connected through a wooden bridge. Inside the customs’ yard are also other annex buildings. The Bran Medieval Customs was defended against thieves by a guardian building which if it would have been necessary it would have been strengthened by the Bran Castle’s guards.

While it was developing new commercial routes, the edifice has lost its importance changing its destination. So that the Bran Medieval Customs’ buildings were used as garrisons by the Austrian troops and even like forestry, closer today.

In 1987 here was opening a museum which underlined the historical importance of this place. Once with the retrocession of the Bran Castle to the Habsburg Family, the customs’ buildings were renovated. Here are being kept exhibits which belong to the castle and also a rich collection of historical and commercial documents. The tourists halting in Bran have the opportunity to admire the Bran Castle, the outdoor ethnographic museum and the buildings which are hosting the Bran Medieval Customs.


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Written by Paul

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