The Bran Residential Elderly Assistance Centre

The Bran Residential Elderly Assistance Centre

Director: Liliana Vointecu

–          Bedrooms of 1, 2, 3, 4 places, equipped with new furniture, spacious dressers, TV, telephone.

–          The rooms have individual bathrooms, completely equipped with shower.

–          Personal kitchen with modern appliances that respects the hygienic-sanitary standards.

–          Restaurant like diner, equipped with furniture and best quality dishes.

–          Generous living equipped with sofas, plasma TV, DVD, audio system, wireless internet, fireplace; it has an opening towards the green space in the inside yard.

–          Library and lecture area

–          Space destined to activities

–          Medical cabinet for consultations, treatments, investigations, equipped with medical hardware.

–          Ensuring and serving the meal – 3 main meals and 2 snacks

–          Daily rounds made by a general medicine specialist who evaluates each resident

–          Periodical rounds by a: geriatrist, neurology, psychiatrist, cardiologist, etc.

–          Ensuring the ambulance service in case of emergency and/or transport to the hospital

–          Medical surveillance 24/7

–          Stimulation program with a psychologist

–          Psychological counseling

–          Occupational therapy

–          Medical gymnastics

–          Treatment administration

–          Sanitation and trimming the resident as many times needed

–          Assisting and helping the residents during meals

–          Daily cleaning and every time it is needed in the locative space

–          Assisting the resident in the daily activities

  • Socializing and time spending

–          Permanent social assistance

–          Organizing events, parties, anniversaries

–          Games, sports, contests

–          Excursions, etc.

  • Extra services by request:

–          Lab analyses

–          Specialized consults in the private clinic

–          Specialized paraclinical exams

–          Hairdressing, haircutting, manicure/pedicure, body and facial care services Services:

–          Elderly care

–          Handicapped care

–          Alzheimer

–          Medical assistance

–          Psychological counseling, psychotherapy

–          Clinical evaluation

–          Medical gymnastics

–          Medical recovery

–          Weekly medical consult

The residents can get involved, according their wishes, preoccupation and affinities, in individual or group activities such as:

  •   Occupational therapy program
  • Medical recovery and maintaining the physical condition program
  • Painting and drawing classes
  • Musical, dance, film and lecture evenings
  • Society games (chess, backgammon, rummy, cards, scrabble, domino, etc) and personal development
  • Skills activities (manual work, gardening, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to the internet in order to keep contact with the family, friends, or to learn
  • The possibility of being visited by the family or close ones any time they wish
  • Organizing parties with the occasions of birthdays, name days, religious holidays
  • Religious counseling and accompanying to the church in order to assist to the masses
  • Airy strolls
  • One day excursions for visiting different tourist attractions


1800 lei/2500 lei

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Written by Paul

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