The Brasov Fortress

Citadel Hill, Brasov City, Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania.

The Brasov Fortress, initially built on a hill outside the Brasov Citadel, today known as the Cetatii (Citadel) Hill, dates back to the year 1524 and it was built as a fortification with four towers, being part of the defense system of the Brasov Citadel. The initial construction of the Brasov Fortress, from stone and bricks, presented itself in the shape of a horseshoe, shape that is held even today by the central part of it.

During the fight with Petru Rares, the prince of Moldova, held in 1529, the Brasov Fortress was destroyed, being later rebuilt from stone, more precisely between the years 1553 and 1554. Now, at the initiative of the Count of Arca, subaltern of Count Battista Castldo, take place many changes, therefore the central tower of the Brasov Fortress is added three artillery towers of small dimensions, under the shape of some bastions and the abutment with walls of the fortified part of the Brasov Fortress. Throughout time different actions of improving the defense system of the Brasov Fortress took place, therefore in the year 1611 a water ditch and a wave of clay were built, in 1627 the construction of a well with a depth of 81 meters was finished and in 1630 four bastions were placed at the corners, these being visible even today.

At the entrance in the Brasov Fortress one can see an inscription which presents the emblem of the Brasov City, dating from the year 1630.

The Brasov Fortress was, throughout time, a military garrison and a prison.Presently inside the Brasov Fortress runa few restaurants with different specific, set up with touristic and leisure purpose.

An important landmark in the history of Brasov, an attraction of great touristic interest is represented by the Brasov Fortress.


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Written by Paul

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