The Casa Muresenilor Museum

The “Casa Muresenilor” Museum
is localized in the historical center of Brasov, in a building built in the 16th century which belonged to the Muresenilor family. The last descendents have donated the historical monument to the Romanian government, along with an impressive collection of over 25.000 priceless documents, furniture items, paintings and sculptures for the purpose of founding a museum which would illustrate the life and the cultural activity of the family. The striking cultural life of the Muresenilor family is reflected by the impressive archive, by the fact that for a long period of time, more than half a century, they led a political newspaper and had many connections with the influent statesmen of that time.

Among the important figures of that family we can mention Andrei Muresanu, poet and author of the Romanian Anthem, Iacob Muresanu – publicist and leader of the Transylvania Gazette and Iacob Muresanu Jr. – composer. The artistic side of the family is perpetuated by Elena Muresanu, the first Romanian painter from Brasov, as well as Traian Muresanu, a sculptor.

The family members are commemorated, their life and cultural activity being illustrated through the permanent expositions organized in the building which houses the “Casa Muresenilor” Museum. 


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Written by Paul

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