The Coltea Bucharest Hospital

Director medical: Prof. Dr. Bruckner Ion


The Cardiology Clinic

Section chief: Prof. Dr. Muraru Minerva

The Medics’ Team:

    * Prof. Dr. Bruckner Ion

    * Prof. Dr. Caruntu Margareta

    * Dr. Grigorescu Alexandra

    * Dr. Gurghean Adriana Luminita

    * Dr. Mihailescu Anca

    * Dr. Tudorica Cornel Cezar

    * Dr. Savulescu Ilinca

    * Dr. Spataru Dan Victor

    * Dr. Velican Valerica Greta

Offered services:

The diagnostic and treatment of heart disease

The cardiac and vessel Doppler exam (including the tissue)

Cardiac Ultrasound

Vessel Ultrasound

General Ultrasound

Esophageal ultrasound

EKG and potential ventricular delays

Respiratory functional explorations

Holter EKG monitoring

TA Holter Monitoring

ECG effort test

Medullar Puncture

Parenchymatous puncture

The General Surgery Clinic

Section Chief: Prof. Dr. Burcos Traean

The medics’ team:

   * Dr. Barbulescu Mihai

    * Dr. Voiculescu Stefan

    * Dr. Cristian Daniel

    * Dr. Dimitriu Vladimir Constantin

    * Dr. Bordea Adrian

    * Dr. Jitea Nicolae

    * Dr. Blajin Angela

    * Dr. Popa Emil Florentin

    * Dr. Stanilescu Sorin

    * Dr. Vlad Marius

Offered Services:

General Surgery

Oncologic Surgery

Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery

The Endoscopy Cabinet:


Rectal Colonoscopies




Ultrasounds Cabinet

Abdominal Ultrasounds

Soft tissue ultrasounds

The Hematology Clinic

Section Chief: Dr. Berbec Nicoleta

The medics’ Team:

    * Manager Prof. Dr. Anca Lupu

    * Dr. Angelescu Silvana

    * Dr. Avram Simona

    * Dr. Barbu Doina

    * Dr. Barca Gabriela

    * Dr. Ciobanu Anca Mariana

    * Dr. Ciocan Oana

    * Dr. Closca Gheorghiu Mihaela

    * Dr. Colita Andrei

    * Dr. Mocanu Gabriela

    * Dr. Saguna Carmen

    * Dr. Triantafyllidis Irina Nicoleta

Offered services:

The diagnostic and treatment of blood diseases

The hemogram with 23 parameters

Cytomorphology from the peripheral and aspired blood

Cyst chemistry and cyst enzyme reactions

Other specific analysis (SIA test, lupus cells, cryoglubulines).

 Complete Coagulation tests

Time of bleeding

Screening for cytoplasm factors

Screening for special proteins with a role in haemostatic: ATIII, PC

The study of platelets aggregation, the rysthocetine cofactor


The cellular immune status

The screening of the easy chains of the peripheral blood and urine

Hemoglobin electrophoresis

The serum protein electrophoresis

The analysis of the cyst morphologic image

The Internal Medicine Clinic

Section Chief: Conf. Dr. Isacoff Danut

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Anton Mariana

    * Dr. Homentovschi Corina

    * Dr. Stanciu Liliana

    * Dr. Teodosiu Zaharia Dragos

    * Dr. Tudor Ioana

    * Dr. Vintila Ana Maria

    * Dr. Siliste Roxana

Offered Services:

The diagnostic and treatment of internal medicine diseases

General ultrasound

Esophageal Ultrasound

Functional Respiratory Explorations


Bronchia-dilator test


Bronchia lavage and bronchia biopsy



The continuous pleural drainage

The pericardial continuous drainage

Medullar Punctures

Parenchymal Punctures

The Medical Oncology Clinic

Section Chief: Dr. Aldea Ciprian

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Stamatiade Liliana

The ENT Clinic

The Medics’ Team:

* Prof. Dr. Popescu Cristian Radu: M.D. ENT (section chief)

* Conf. Dr. Anghel Ion: ENT section chief, M.D.ENT

* Dr. Beuran Maria: M.D.ENT

* Dr. Nitu Liliana: M.D.ENT

* Dr. Bertesteanu serban Vifor Gabriel: ENT specialist

* Dr. Toma Andreea: M.D.ENT

* Dr. Augustin Anca: M.D.ENT

* Dr. Pedestru Ioana Angelica           

* M.D. ENT – Dr. Visan Maricel      

* Dr. Oancea Andaluzia- M.D.ENT

* Dr. Tomescu Lia                – M.D.ENT

 * Dr. Stamate Marian- specialist ENT

* Dr. Nicu Ovidiu – M.D.ENT

* Dr. Grigore Raluca- ENT specialist research assistant 2

* Dr. Albeanu Liviu Alin Dan- medic specialist ORL asistent de cercetar

The Oncologic Radiotherapy Clinic

Section Chief: Dr. Liscu Bogdan-Radu

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Aldea Elena-Alina

    * Dr. Ivascanu Angela-Carmen

    * Dr. Verga Nicolae

    * Dr. Visu Liliana Antoneta

       Physicist Daniela Stroe

The ATI Section

Section Chief: Dr. Moisescu Emilian

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Barbulescu Cornelia

    * Dr. Greere Mariana Ileana

    * Dr. Kovacevici Miriana

    * Dr. Pavelescu Oana Raluca

    * Dr. Scafa – Udriste Laura

Offered services:

Permanent watch ATI

General surgery and ENT Anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia

Subdural and Epidural Anesthesia in unique or continuous dosage

General Anesthesia

The continuous monitoring of vital functions (respiration, EKG, invasive or non invasive TA, motion unit) (DRAGER- Infinity Kappa XLT monitors)

External and endocavitary pacemaker

The continuous ventilation prosthesis (the DRAGER Savina ventilators)

Central Vanes Catheter with continuous drug administration (B.Braun Injectors)

Evacuation of the ascites liquid

Pain Therapy

Long or Short Respiratory Therapy

Complex surveillance of the vital functions

Enteral and parenetral continuous and intermittent alimentation

Ensuring all the hospital’s emergencies from the ATI perspective


Section Chief: Dr. Barbulescu Cornelia

the Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Pavel Ioana-Maria

    * Dr. Predoescu Cristian

    * Dr. Stoica Carmen

    * Dr. Thomas Nicoleta


Section Chief: Dr. Bunta Florentina

The Pathologic anatomy Laboratory

Section Chief: Dr. Popa Ileana

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Welt Luminita

    * Dr. Constantin Gabriela

Offered Services:

Histopathology exams for the paraffin on surgery parts and biopsies

Extemporaneously histopathology, inter operative exam

Giemsa stain for cytological examination in secretions

The Central Laboratory

Section Chief: Dr. Parvulescu Mihaela

The Medics’ Team:

    * Dr. Papagheorghe Raluca

    * Dr. Popescu Nicoleta

    * Dr. Simionescu Victoria

The Occupational Medicine

Section Chief: Dr. Stefanescu Mircea Novac

The Sportsmen Policlinic

Section Chief: Chief Medic of the Sportsmen Special Ambulatory Iliescu Sanda

The medics’ team:

    * Dr. Boncota Melania

    * Dr. Cornea Emilia

    * Dr. Dragotoiu George

    * Dr. Iancu Doina Manuela

    * Dr. Gheorghe Ioana

    * Dr. Panait Gabriel

    * Dr. Pojoni Ioana

    * Dr. Popescu Cristina

    * Dr. Voda Lucia Nicolina

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