The “Coltea” Church

    The “Coltea” Church is localized in Bucharest and was preceded by a church built in 1641 by the servant Udrea. After his death, it became the property of his brother, Coltea Doicescu, who decides to sell it to Mihai Cantacuzino. He built what in 1699 was named the complex of the “Trifertitele” Monastery.

    Related to its structure, the complex was composed out of the church, a hospital, a school, few houses, three chapels and the Coltei tower situated at the entrance, thought to be the highest tower of those times and used as a belfry with clock.

    Architecturally speaking, in the construction of the church prevails the “brancovenesc” style, but mixed with the byzantine style, the Romanian style and with Italian baroque. Among the great paintings of the place can be found the icon of Virgin Mary with Child, the icon of St Paraschieva, the icon of the Saints Cozma and Damian. The altar screen and the church porch are decorated with many floral elements.

    The communism in Romania had a very bad influence upon the church, which was closed for three years. After 1989 was brought back in the attention of the community the “Coltea” Church.


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Written by Paul

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