The Dr. Victor Babes Memorial Museum

The „Victor Babes” Memorial Museum

is one of the sections of the Bucharest Municipal Museum and is dedicated to one of the most important personalities that the medicine of our country ever had, bearing actually his name, Doctor Victor Babes.

Victor Babes is the most prolific Romanian savant, founder of the Bacteriological Institute, biologist and precursor of modern serotherapy. For four decades he had a vast research activity, activity due to which he made discoveries of exceptional importance.

The Museum was founded in 1954, but the building which houses it, property of Mircea Babes, the son of the savant Victor Babes, was built between 1928 and 1929 following the plans of architects Felgel and Mellinger. The inauguration of the „Victor Babes” Memorial Museum took place in 1955.

Mircea Babes and Sofia M. Babes are the ones who put the base of the museum through their donations. Therefore the museum houses many of the works of the great savant Victor Babes: manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, plates, drawings, furniture pieces and many others. Additionally the diplomas and medals earned during the entire career of the famous doctor can be admired.

Therefore the visitors will be pleasantly impressed by the interesting exponents presented by the „Victor Babes” Memorial Museum.


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Written by Paul

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