The Draper’s Bastion

Location: The old centre of Brasov, Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania.

The Draper’s Bastion, situated on the north-west of the Old Brasov, dates back to the period between 1450 and 1455, being built by the Goldsmith’s Guild, one of the richest guilds of Brasov in the 15th-16th century, and entered the possession of the Draper’s Guild starting with the year 1640. Being mentioned for the first time in the period between the years 1521 and 1522, the Draper’s Bastion presents itself under a round shape, with four levels, 2 meter thick walls, a diameter of 16 meters and a height of 19 meters. Built initially with the purpose of defending the Goldsmith’s Guild, the Draper’s Bastion had on the first level holes in order to install some small dimension caliber cannons. In front of the Draper’s Bastion, with the occasion of the actions took for consolidating the defense walls of Brasov’s Citadel, a fortification with the shape of a horseshoe was constructed, known under the name of the Red Weaver’s Bastion.

Throughout time, due to the impressive quantities of cloth ordered by the princes of the Romanian Countries, as well as by the Citadel of Brasov, the Draper’s Bastion was in a continuous economical development.

Being the object of some reorganizing and renovating actions executed between 1961 and 1962, as well as in 2005, presently it is an objective of great touristic interest for the city of Brasov represented by the Draper’s Bastion.


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Written by Paul

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