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About the home

The Elderly Home is the social assistance legal institution, founded, organized and financed according to the current law.

The homes ensure appropriate conditions of shelter and food, medical care, recovery and readjustment, occupational therapy and free time activities, social and psychological assistance. The homes for pensioners, the homes for elderly and the homes for chronically ill existent when the current law came into force or who will later enter use, will function as homes for the elderly, with sections for:

a)    Dependent persons

b)    Semi-dependent persons

c)    Independent persons

For the good functioning of the elderly homes, the labor, solidarity and Family County and Bucharest departments will ensure the necessary specialty methodological and activity management training.

The current and capital expenses of the elderly homes are ensured from extra budgetary incomes and subventions given from the state budget.


The community services ensured for the elderly in the Home for Elderly are:

Social services consisting of:

  • Household help;
  • Ways of preventing social exclusion and social reintegration in relation with the psycho affection capacity;

Social medical services consisting of:

  • Rehabilitation assistance to maintain or readjust physical or intellectual capacity;
  • Provision of occupational therapy programs;
  • Assistance for body hygiene ;

Medical services consisting of:

  • Consultations and treatment at the medical cabinet, in medical institutions of profile or the person’s bed, if the person is immobilized;
  • Care-nursing services;
  • Providing drugs;
  • Providing medical equipment.

The Access in the Brasov Elderly Home:

The priority to get institutionalized goes to the following elderly:

  • Who have no family or are not in the care of a responsible person;
  • Who have no home, nor the possibility to ensure living conditions;
  • Have no personal income or they are not sufficient for care taking;
  • Cannot take care of the household by themselves;
  • Cannot ensure their social medical needs due to illness.

Papers Necessary for Internment:

  • Application Form for institutionalization;
  • I.D.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage, divorce or death Certificate (according to each case);
  • Handicapped Certificate (If there is one);
  • Pension coupon and income declaration;
  • The Children’s Birth Certificate;
  • Proof of income of all the belongings;
  • Household contract;
  • Judge order of eviction (according to case);
  • Health medical certificate;
  • Certificate from the psychiatrist;
  • Neurologic exam;
  • Medical analyses (VSH, HLG, glycerin, hepatic probes, VDRL, HIV test, Ag. HBs, urea, uric acid, creatinine); MRF.


The following categories can beneficiate of help:

  • Persons with grave or emphasized functional deficiency;
  • Persons with pension under 400 RON;
  • Persons who beneficiate of guaranteed minimal income (social help).

Necessary Papers:

  • Handicap- copy of the ID + copy of the handicap certificate;
  • Pensions – copy of the ID + copy of the pension coupon;
  • Unemployment – copy of the ID + copy of the unemployment book;
  • V.M.G. – copy of the ID

This program is 5 years long according to the HG. 60013 05 09; this is the second year.

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