The Hirscher House

The Hirscher House
represents an architectural monument of great importance, dating back to the 16th century. Built in the historical centre of Brasov in the year 1545, the imposing building with dimensions way over those times’ trend had a commercial purpose, being a marketplace of the goods sold by the tradesmen from Brasov.

The numerous legends refer to the way the Hirscher House was born, one of them stating that the widow Apollonia Hirscher bore the expenses of the construction of this building, in order to bring homage to her late husband, Lukas Hirscher, an ex judge of the city. Another legend refers to a dramatic moment, marked by the apparent death of the widow’s daughter. She miraculously returns to life, due to the shock produced by a few jewelers who tried to steal the ring of the girl by cutting off her finger.

Known also as the Brawler’s Bridge or the Tradesmen House, the Hirscher House reflects the economical welfare of the city, hosting commercial stands for the masters of the over 50 guilds existent in the city.

Despite the unlucky events that fell over the Hirscher House, represented by earthquakes and the great fires from 1689 and 1699, the building was restored quite a few times, also being added improvements and changes of the architectural style. The shape it has today is given by the restoration made in the year 1960 and presently the Corona galleries of Brasov, as well as a restaurant find shelter in the Hirscher House.


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