The Predeal Resort

southern part of the Brasov County.

Access: European Road E60 – Bucharest- Brasov or railway Bucharest – Brasov.

The Predeal Resort is located in the Brasov County at a distance of 141 kilometers from Bucharest and 25 kilometers from Brasov. It is the town located at the highest altitude from Romania, between 1030 and 1110 meters, being surrounded the “Barsa” Mountains (Postavaru and Piatra Mare), “Clabucetele Predealului” (Garbovei and Fetifoiu), Bucegi and Baiului. Around the city the Prahova and Timis rivers flow. It has the fame of an important resort for winter sports practicing and also for spending the leisure time, rest or treatment. The clean air, rich in ozone is recommended in treating asthenia, reviving the weakened body and also for mental and physical stress.

The first mention of Predeal dates back since the 26th of February 1705 and it is found in the letter of the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu to master Andreas, the big Jude of the Brasov’s citadel, regarding the merchandise transportation from Brasov to nowadays Predeal. Until the year 1874, Predeal was under the jurisdiction of the “Podul Neagului” commune, having the residence town first at “Podul Neagului” and then at “Busteni”. Once with the building of the Ploiesti- Brasov railway, in 1882, the Predeal station is founded, station with represented the junction point between the Romanian and the Austro-Hungarian frontier. In the year 1885 the communes from the Prahova Valley, “Poiana Tapului”, “Busteni”, “Azuga” and Predeal formed the commune with the name Predeal and in the year 1992, it became an independent commune as a result of the split from the others. Being frequently visited by tourists, starting with the year 1930 in Predeal, streets, bridges and hotels are starting to be built. The effect of these arrangements is the declaration of Predeal as an urban commune at the 2nd of October 1935.

The first taverns appear around the years 1700- 1750 on the “Puristoaca” Valley, nowadays a neighborhood in Predeal and the first farm was founded in the year 1830 by Moise Zangor from Comarnic. Today, the town-resort Predeal has a population of almost 5600 inhabitants and a surface of 58.4 square kilometers. Under the town’s jurisdiction, the Paraul Rece resort and communes Timisul de Sus and Timisul de Jos belong. As a result of the fight which occurred in the year 1916, in the town Predeal several monument which remind of the battles from the First World War were built; the Heroes’ Cemetery (at the exit from Predeal towards Paraul Rece), another cemetery located on the slopes of the road which descents from Timisul de Sus, the bust of the poet Mihail Saulescu (located at the exit from Predeal to Brasov) and also the Heroes’ Monument, located in the train station’s square. Other worthy objectives are: the Orthodox Church “St. Emperors Constantine and Helen” (located in the center) and also the Predeal Monastery, built in the year 1774, located at the exit towards Azuga.

The Predeal Resort is full of tourists, both in the summer and winter. In summer, trips in the nearby mountains can be made. In one hour the “Tamina” Waterfall from “Piatra Mare” can be reached, a karst complex which includes many spectacular waterfalls. Also in one hour the “Sapte Scari” Waterfall can be reached, located on the same massif. The canyons can be visited, having a length of 160 meters, dug in limestone, and also the seven cascades can be admired, the highest one being 35 meters tall. Also, inside the Postavaru Massif there are canyons, the Ranov Canyons, renowned for climbing, bungee-jumping, flying fox and ‘via ferrata’. It can be reached both from Predeal and from Timisul de Sus, on paths that won’t take longer than two hours. Nearby the Predeal Resort there is a flower reservation, located next to the “Poiana Secuilor” cottage.

The “Paraul Rece” Resort can be visited, located 6 km away from Predeal. In the summer it is not very popular but once with the snow, the tourists come as well. The resort owns a ski lift and a ski slope. Tourists can find accommodation at the numerous hotels, pensions and cottages. In the winter, Predeal is a true center for ski practicing. Equipped with 7 ski slopes for different difficulties, sledge slopes, cable car and ski lift, the resort is considered a skier’s heaven. Two kilometers away from the resort there is a center (Valea Rasnoavei) where biathlon and cross country can be practiced, being also a place for developing some national competitions of that kind. In the winter of 2013, Predeal will become one of the towns where the competitions of the European Olympic Festival for youth will be organized.

The fresh air and the charming landscapes create the perfect reason to evade from quotidian in one of the most well known climacteric resorts from the country, the Predeal Resort.

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Written by Paul

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