The Sinca Veche Monastery

Localization : Sinca Veche village, Brasov

Access : DN68 Brasov- Fagaras

    The ’’Sinca Veche’’ Monastery is situated on the cliffs of the Persani Mountains. It is actually an underground temple from the Sinca Veche village, also known as ‚The Temple of Fates’, ‚The Monastery grounded in the rocks’ or ‚The Sinca Veche Temple’. The temple is 2 km away from the village. It has been said that the monastery was built thousands of years ago, in the Dacian times or even before, or that it has been built by the same civilisation that made the ‘The White Temple’ located on the Snakes’ Island. The village was set up in the 13th century, at the border of Romania with the Habsburg Empire. The monastery is cut entirely in stone and has 2 altars and 9 rooms filled with curious statues, like the Yin-Yang symbol or the David’s star. The tower is made out of soft sandstone and has no roof, which allows the sun to shine on the altar. The locals say that there is a tunnel beneath the altar that leads to the Rasnov Fortres. Many strange phenomena took place here, like the appearance of several lightened spheres, at specific moments during daytime. The locals believe in the existence of supernatural forces, so youngsters throw a wheel into the fire3 times a year. They think that, this way, they’ll get married by the end of the year.


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Written by Paul

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