The “Stirbei” Palace

Location: Bucharest

Access: the Buftea Lake shore 

    The “Stirbei” Palace was built in Tudor style. The construction began in 1850 by Barbu Dimitrie Stirbei (Prince of the Romanian Country) and it was finished, in 1863, by his son Alexandru Barbu Stirbei. As a result of the conflict between the owner of the Radu Voda Monastery and the inhabitants of Buftea, Barbu Constantin Stirbei, the uncle of the prince, came into the possession of the lands in Buftea on the 13th of March 1845. The Stirbei family comes from a boyar branch in Olt named Izvoranu (from Izvor Town, Olt County), Stirbei being actually a nickname. The palace was commenced by Barbu Dimitrie Stirbei, son of Dimitrie Bibescu, who was adopted by his uncle Barbu Constantin Stirbei. In the beginning the construction was as a “cula” which had two tunnels where one could escape in case of danger. Throughout time it was added two floors and other modifications having the same architecture as the anterior construction. In the “Stirbei” Palace was born on the 4th of November 1872, the grandson of the prince, Barbu Alexandru Stirbei. He received an exquisite education in Paris. He will dedicate himself to the economical activities and then to politics. He was the adviser of King Ferdinand during the First World War. Many times the Palace received the visit of the royal family as well as that of foreign and Romanian ministers, diplomats, personalities of science and culture, great landowners, business men and bankers. Here the preliminary Treaty of Peace was signed in March 1918. Near the edifice is the family chapel, built between 1850 and 1890 in neo gothic style having the access stairs made of white Carrara marble. The painting of the chapel from the “Stirbei” Palace is signed by the famous Gheorghe Tattarescu. The only painting that was kept is “The Holy Mother holding Jesus”. Inside Prince Barbu Dimitrie Stirbei and Prince Barbu Alexandru Stirbei as well as their relatives are buried. In 1957 the park with a surface of 30 hectares entered the property of the government and after 1989 it was opened to the public. 

    The edifice located on the shore of Lake Buftea, surrounded by the park’s secular trees, invites the passer by to stop for a moment and admire the “Stirbei” Palace.



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Written by Paul

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