Veterinary Clinic Marco Vet

The Marco Vet Veterinary Clinic

Came to life out of love for animals. Our team of specialized and dedicated medics is at your disposal, offering you in a warm and full of compassion background best quality services.

Within the Marco Vet veterinary hospital, your pet will benefit the most modern veterinary technologies, unique in Romania, and medical veterinary assistance of our exceptional specialists.  

The Marco Vet Veterinary Complex owns a space of 10.000 mp, used with maximum efficiency, in order to run a unique set of specialized services in Romania, everything non-stop.

9881 – Emergency service 24/7

  * Veterinary   Pharmacy   non-stop

The Marco Vet Veterinary Complex offers non stop the following services:

      ▫ Veterinary clinical hospital;

      ▫ Canine pension, feline pension; (where your friends benefit internal and external pension in comfortable paddocks with heated flooring) 

      ▫ Dressage school;

      ▫ Veterinary ambulance;

      ▫ Veterinary pharmacy;

      ▫ Physical therapy;

      ▫ Pet shop;

      ▫ Barber’s shop, canine and feline cosmetics;


Within the Hospital we offer the following services: 

      ▫ Surgery and orthopedics;

      ▫ Laboratory investigations (hematology, biochemistry, parvovirus tests, babesia, urine and coproparasitologic analyses);

      ▫ Radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy investigations;

      ▫ Electrocardiogram;

      ▫ Vaccines, shielding and micro chippings;

      ▫ Prevention medicine.

Hotel for the animals / 5 stars pension for all animal species

Surveillance and care schedule:

      ▫ the dogs are taken out for a walk 3 times/ day in a generous space that features toys and obstacles

     ▫ for the cats there is a special closed playground

      ▫for small animals there is a pension equipped with all necessary accessories.  

You can call anytime you wish to check into your animal’s status. Their surveillance is also made by specialized personnel.

The Marco Vet Veterinary Ambulance Service

  * Offers emergency veterinary care at the home of the caller to number 9881, 24/7, thus eliminating the transportation stress that the animal is submitted to, the eventual inconveniences regarding transport and the refusal of the taxi companies to take your call with your pet, as well as what results from messing your private care in very serious situations. 

The on call medic on the veterinary ambulance appreciates the gravity of the case, sets a presumptive diagnostic with the help of the high tech technology the ambulance features, and he makes the emergency intervention where the case requires it or he transports in the same emergency system and safety of the animal to our clinics.

“Your friend in good hands…”


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Written by Paul

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